Meet some of the dedicated and passionate professionals that make up Endless Horizons Ltd...

Simon Ryninks
Approximate Conceptual Actualisation

After graduating from secondary school Simon showed great promise in the fields of Experimental Tourism.  He promptly received a Lauren Lattimer scholarship to attend the University of Dorrego Garcia, where he received a First Class honours degree in Mathematical Holiday Planning and was awarded a job as a Junior Researcher at Endless Horizons Ltd. Over ten years he's worked his way up to his current position, but is still paid the same wage. His job remit sees him ensuring that the project concept is actualised as closely as possible to the way it looks in his head (which is often pretty hazy anyway). An average day for Simon sees him battling egos, budgetary restrictions and his own self-esteem.

Daisy Cooper
Chief Logistical Wrangler

A former ultralight-weight professional wrestler, Daisy made the switch to Wrangling in 2010. She began her career as a Minutia Wrangling Consultant, working for other organisations including Restricted Boundaries Ltd. Daisy joined the Endless Horizons Ltd. team as the full-time Deputy Logistical Wrangler under her mentor (and coincidentally her former wrestling coach) Ernst Scythe. Following Scythe’s unfortunate total psychotic breakdown, Daisy took on full leadership of the Logistical Wrangling Department. In her spare time Daisy enjoys somersaults of logic, untying tricky scheduling knots and making labels on her bespoke label maker. 

Ben Byford
Quantum Ephemeral Visualiser

After making most of his money in quantum computing, Ben caused major instability between the world's leading banks  over the insecurity of their encryption protocols. He then fled to an island somewhere in the pacific to enjoy a computer-free existence of drawing, cooking, surfing and crab racing. Ink still drying on his memoirs, the banks finally caught up with him and he was left with two choices: either work for the banks, creating boring accounting software forever, or accept a job offer from Endless Horizons Ltd. Now he finally understands what the company actually does, Ben spends most of his days drinking tea and creating theoretical models of future histories on his HP Palmtop PC. 

Matthew Vile
Chief Luminescence Engineer

Matthew defected from the West Country, where the strict fascism restricted his artistic ambitions. Hounded by his tortured past, and finding comfort in the warm, inviting glow of domestic lighting, Matthew spent several years masquerading as a lamp in the staff room. Suspicious of the overnight improvements to the ambience of the building’s illumination, Endless Horizons Ltd. staff located Matthew hiding in the fuse box with an armful of cables and plugs. They offered him full time position as an Electrician. Now, having worked his way up to Chief Luminescence Engineer, Matthew can very accurately answer the question ‘How many Endless Horizons Ltd. staff members does it take to change a lightbulb?’

Simeon Miller
Chief Sub-Molecular
Logistical Architect

Simeon has been part of the Endless Horizons family since 2008. His previous work in the field of sub-molecular logistics attracted the attention of various organisations, but only Endless Horizons offered the chance to work across various temporal realities. His proudest achievement to date is the successful creation of a miniature Einstein-Rosen Bridge in 2010. The event created the conditions for the world first auto-collaborative trans-temporal dissertation, the subject of which is classified until its publication. He enjoys long walks, books about informational architecture and winter evenings. He hopes to establish communications with the alternate realities and form a Trans-Spatial Ping Pong Cup.

Joseph Wilde
Lexographical Comms Operative

Joseph was head-hunted by Endless Horizons Ltd. after conclusively disproving the hypothesis that a million monkeys working at a million type-writers will eventually write the complete works of Shakespeare; while simultaneously discovering that the same number of primates can be trained to operate high-end word-processing software, and in doing so produce a long-running and profitable soap-opera. Joseph has since appropriated Endless Horizon Ltd.'s significant resources to train specialist groups of orangutang and other higher-functioning apes to be effective copywriters for the company. Joseph can most often be found, covered in chimp-faeces, trying to teach Bonobos to proof-read.

Emma Tompkins
Head of  Visual and Temporal Development

Emma was ear marked for Endless Horizons Ltd servitude from a very early age. The company sent out their traditional Christmas card visual code challenge, and Emma was one of the last finalists to realise that the picture of the cat with the santa hat was infact an intricate map detailing the internal vaults of rival company 'Future Directions Ltd'. The other finalists perished in the subsequent heist whilst one is still serving time after his extradition to China. Fortunately for Endless Horizons Ltd, the secrets of Time Travel are no longer secret to us, and Emma's ability to face paint herself to resemble the back wall of a vault means Time Travel for all.


Odinn Hilmarsson
Temporal Acoustics Engineer

Odinn carries out research in artwork acoustics, investigating how their temporal conditions can be improved for good speech communication, and high-quality audibility. He has been a principal investigator on the pioneering TranspARTation voyages and recorded the sonic states of works by artists including Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon and Bridget Riley. He has also measured Edvard Munch's Scream in decibels, determining it to be "really very loud". In his spare time, Odinn enjoys listening to the sound signatures of icebergs and advancing his quest to discover a musical note that no one has ever heard. An average day for Odinn sees him condensing his condensers, damping his dampeners, and flanging his flange.

Dino Dimopoulos
Quantum Non-Ephemeral Visualiser

Dino's expertise extends to exploring the possibilities of recording space and manipulating time through the application of highly-specialised Photon-Jiggling technology. Dino joined Endless Horizons Ltd. in 2005, coming straight from the Impossible Physics Department (IPD) where he wrote a paper asserting his theory on time malleability; arguing it would be possible to speed it up, slow it down, and even cut large chunks of it out on a whim. Dino has also managed to accomplish the near impossible, he got the VCR in the staffroom to stop blinking 12:00. Dino has recorded the environments of over 20,478 artworks (and counting) spanning over 500 years but it's that VCR we're forever indebted to him for.




We are moving ever-closer to our fulfilling our ultimate goal of becoming the first commercial provider of  time-travel. 

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