Since man first drew on cave-walls, humans all around the world have dreamed of going inside paintings...

Now, thanks to TranspARTation people have actually made that journey, heroically opening a new frontier for commercial tourism and corporate team-building exercises. At long last, ARTourism will be available to anyone who dares to dream!*

Following decades of research, Endless Horizons Ltd. has developed the FM23-G4-XCFE7-Mk 5**, the world's first machine capable of sending individuals inside works of art with the goal of monetising access into artist's minds for the benefit of holiday-makers.

The FM23-G4-XCFE7-Mk 5 is the future of tourism. By analysing the psychic data invested in any work of art it can generate a pan-dimensional wormhole allowing adventurous tourists the chance to step INSIDE the painting itself.

“The future’s state-of-the-art is yesterday’s art.”.
— Lauren Lattimer, CEO of Endless Horizons Ltd.

Our volunteer test subjects

Our test subjects have formed an engaged, vibrant, and active community, united by a shared passion for ARTourism and an overwhelming desire to experience it themselves as soon as is safely*** possible. They are prepared for an experience that is both fun and life-changing**** and they know that their participation in the earliest days of TranspARTation is a unique opportunity to be among the first humans ever to voluntarily step INSIDE paintings.

Like the earliest adopters of any other technological breakthrough, they are the brave pioneers who help further a new experience, road-testing our products until it they truly safe for the wealthy and important. The power of this community has already changed lives****, and each test subject will continue to make a difference long after they have gone.

Become a test subject today and experience it for yourself...

*And has significant financial resources and comprehensive health insurance. **Patent pending. *** This is a relative term and not legally binding. ****DISCLAIMER: these changes have been both positive, negative and catastrophic.