A message from the C.E.O of Endless Horizons Ltd.

Welcome, Valued Customer,

On behalf of all the team here at Endless Horizons I’d like to personally thank you (via the medium  of a pre-arranged piece of copy-writing) for taking such an interest in the development of our revolutionary TranspARTation machine: the FM23-G4-XCFE7-Mk5*. 

We’re pioneering ARTourism by analysing the psychic data invested in works of art in order to generate pan-dimensional wormholes, which allow adventurous tourists the chance to step INSIDE them. After years of research and billions of pounds of investments, we are moving closer to achieving our ultimate goal of becoming the first commercial provider of ARTourism.**

Travel through time, space, and the psyche. Take a mini-break rearranging Van Gogh's sunflowers, bathe on Turner's beaches or dine on Warhol's tomato soup. With thousands of works to choose from, the possibilities will be endless!***

We look forward to welcoming you to the soft launch of our Margate flagship in February. In the meantime, please take a look around this website to see how this project is developing. 

We look forward to showing you how today’s state-of-the-art is yesterday’s art.


With kind regards, 


Lauren Lattimer
C.E.O of Endless Horizons Ltd. 



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* Patent pending. ** ARTourism began as a collaboration with the Chinese government in 1963 with the purpose of weaponising self-expression, but the parent company folded, allowing us to prototype for nothing. *** Disclaimer: this term is used emotively; the possibilities are finite and strictly limited by the artworks available at any one time. Endless Horizons reserves the right to remove any artwork from the itinerary without prior notice. **** Disclaimer: Test subjects are employed on a strictly voluntary basis and Endless Horizons Ltd cannot be held legally responsible for any adverse effects suffered during or after the process, including, but not limited to: internal angst, being turned inside out, losing limbs or having limbs transformed into tentacles, full-frontal lobotomies and breathing difficulties.