People all around the world experience a sense of awe as we look back at the past. We realise the limitless possibility of human endeavour.

"But why,” the unimaginative among you may ask, “Why spend billions developing a technology that zaps people into the past? Aren’t there more pressing problems to solve, like the economy, malaria or climate change?”

Rest assured, these are questions that we have considered carefully in our preparations and, after lengthy analysis and numerous focus groups, we feel confident that the following will put those thoughts in perspective:

  1. There’s no ‘zapping’ involved. TimeTourism™ is an incredibly complex procedure involving the generation of pan-dimensional wormholes.

  2. Whose billions are being spent? Our's? Certainly. Our shareholder's? Of course. Those of dodgy dictator's? Occasionally.

  3. Most people in the world don’t actually have malaria - but market research suggests that a significant majority of people like to go on holiday.

  4. After a lengthy survey into the finances of the company and its leading shareholders we are convinced that the economy is fine actually.

  5. Climate change is a harmless and completely natural process whereby the temperature of the earth rises and falls over aeons, occasionally wiping out vast numbers of species and allowing others to thrive. It’s called evolution, which we support.

We believe that, as a species, we constantly need to push new boundaries! Perhaps it is in our culture, perhaps it is in our DNA, or perhaps it is a wide-spread virus that is affecting our brains, but homo sapiens are hardwired to explore; to yearn for what lies just beyond the horizon. We’re discovering that with time travel, the horizon is endless**.

The ocean? It’s over. Space? Smashed it. Time is truly the final frontier. Now we have located the frontier, our next duty was to find a way to monetise it. But how? The answer was to charge people a reasonable fee to be transported into their favourite eras, thus penetrating the greatest moments our combined civilisations have ever produced. We have discovered the future of holiday making, and now we are offering it to you!

Only through the exploration of the unknown can we continue to grow and evolve as a society (and as an economically viable industry). But to view this merely as a commercial enterprise would be to allow cynicism (and demonstrable fact) get in the way of the something far more profound. It is clear that the ability for more people to penetrate the membrane of time will support human advancement. You will be transformed by your holiday into history ****.

We want to share this experience with everybody. In the very near future, our TimeTourism™ machines will be open to all, with drop-in centres across the world, waiting to take you anywhere in history.


We are moving ever-closer to our fulfilling our ultimate goal of becoming the first commercial provider of  time-travel. 

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